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Explore the vastly diverse ocean (with all its creatures, corals, flora, and life), all from within the comfort and safety of one of our fully transparent, premium kayaks. Cayaks offers unique guided tour experiences of the southwestern coast of Grenada. Our tours are arranged to suit customers' personal demands and needs. At Cayaks, we focus on showcasing the natural coastal environment, both land and seascapes including the flora and fauna that inhabit them. While aboard our tours, it's highly possible that you may witness a plethora of land,sea or shore bird species in their natural habitats; most of them nest on the cliffs that overlook the tour path. Likewise, beneath the waves it's highly possible to view a number of coral species, especially Elkhorn corals along with a myriad of tropical fish species. Of these fish species, the most commonly seen on our tours are herbivores such as parrot fish, surgeon fish and damsel fish. You may also likely see Rays, Octopus, Sea urchins and Sea stars and the occasional Green Sea Turtle when they pop their tiny heads out of the water.


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